LBF Long Term Commitment to Community Health

Lora Bay Foundation is excited to announce the launch of a long-term commitment to assist in the health of our community. LBF is partnering with Brightshores Health System to support a first of its kind in Canada Wellness and Recovery Centre for addictions and mental health. 


Brightshores Health System (previously the Grey Bruce Health System) is embracing a bold vision for addiction and mental health treatment. They are building a new facility that will house acute treatment and ongoing support for recovery, to communities on the western shore of Georgian Bay. This facility offers a new model of care, offering full wrap-around services all covered by OHIP.

Housed in a former elementary school, the Centre will provide fully integrated services, all under one roof. Patients can arrive suffering from their addiction and receive treatment to pass through the crisis. Then the individual can be supported with counseling, coping mechanisms and relearning life skills, while staying up to six months in a respectful and caring environment assisted by knowledgeable and experienced councilors.

A key success factor for addiction recovery is physical activity and exercise. Below is Corey’s story and the role of physical activity in his recovery.

Rise Up - The Road To Recovery from Marc Fortunato on Vimeo.

Recognizing the essential need for physical activity in recovery, the Lora Bay Foundation has made a multiyear commitment of $250,000 to furnishing and maintaining the Wellness and Recovery Centre gymnasium. 

The gymnasium will be finished with a regulation court floor and be fully equipped with exercise machines as well as the equipment for team play – both outside and indoors. Individuals across all programs through their journey of recovery will be welcome to use the facilities at any time. They will also have the benefits of professional counselors and trainers to optimize their time and encourage a lifestyle focusing on physical wellbeing.

To fulfill this commitment the Lora Bay Foundation will need your support. With you we will be able to create a vital element of recovery that is desperately needed.

With you we will make a difference.

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