A Focus on Health

As a reflection of the diversity of need, the LBF linked with the Meaford Hospital to learn more about the essential need for blood microscopy on a daily basis.

Every day, for 24 hours per day, the Meaford hospital labs process blood collected from more than 50 patients. From community members arriving in the Emergency Department feeling unwell, to oncology patients requiring ongoing blood analysis, or patients needing routine blood work, the blood analysis is a critical component of their health care. It was to assist in this role that the LBF stepped in and provided a new blood analysis microscope.

The new Olympus BX-43 is vital in detecting abnormality in blood cells and for monitoring multiple diseases.  This critical diagnostic tool can help identify bacterial and viral infections such as UTIs, mononucleosis, appendicitis, and can also assist in diagnosing anemia and cancer.

What is seen on the microscope slide could be life altering and even life saving.

The Lora Bay Foundation is proud to be associated with Meaford Hospital and is confident that our donation is making a difference.